At Poma Fertility, our all-inclusive self-pay price for IVF, is thousands less than the national average. PomaCare* extends our value and offers a unique refund package than other programs in the Seattle area. *(available only for self-pay patients who qualify medically)

Because some couples do not have insurance coverage for IVF cycle, PomaCare is designed to help patients recoup some of the costs if they do not have a baby. PomaCare also gives patients an option for extra cycles if needed, but at a substantially discounted rate.

PomaCare is an ideal option for patients without insurance because:

  • Patients only pay for the IVF cycles they actually need
  • Many patients do not need multiple IVF cycles to have a baby
  • Additional IVF cycles are billed at a substantially discounted rate
  • If you do not bring home a baby, patients get a substantial refund

We designed PomaCare with the same goals that we designed our IVF treatment cycles. We want PomaCare to be as patient friendly as possible.

PomaCare offers the fresh IVF cycle plus unlimited frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles to allow single embryo transfer without the additional economic burden associated with extra FET cycles. The cumulative delivery rate will be the same as transferring multiple embryos at a time but without multiple births.

Age-GroupBase Price*2nd Cycle†3rd Cycle†Refund (%)‡
< 35 years$16,420$3,050$3,05090% 80%
35-37 years$16,420$3,050$3,05080% 70%
38-40 years$16,420$5,340$6,86565% 55%
41-42 years$16,420$6,100$7,63050% 40%
Conditions and terms
* Base price is reflected with a $410 discount for cash payment versus credit card which is billed at $16,830. Base price includes the fresh IVF cycle (same all-inclusive fees as non- PomaCare and excludes pre-cycle testing, medications and anesthesia fee) and unlimited Frozen Embryo Transfers until a take-home baby or no more frozen embryos remain.

† f no take-home baby from cycle, then choice of either refund (in table) or proceed to next cycle (fresh + frozen transfers) for an additional fee (in table).

‡ Refund percentage of total fees (base cycle + any additional cycles) paid to Poma Fertility (excludes meds and anesthesia fees). We offer 2 tiers of refunds based on medical screening tests (Ideal = percentage on left and Good = percentage on right). We have a Suboptimal PomaCare package for selected patients with reduced success rate potential (call for details).

Some IVF refund programs require up-front purchase of multiple cycles. We are confident that our program usually requires only one or two IVF cycles to achieve a take-home baby. Therefore, we designed our program to allow patients to exit the program without the additional expense of multiple cycles if they choose.

Our normal single cycle IVF pricing and PomaCare are designed to be easy, upfront, and without any surprises. For more information on PomaCare, or to discuss financing options, please contact us today.

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