After $225
Cash Discount

Refund Warranty
Program Available

Self pay IVF $9,200*

All Inclusive

At Poma Fertility, our self pay all-inclusive price for IVF is only $9,200, a competitive value. Additional charges apply for pre-testing (if needed), anesthesia and medications.

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We never charge extra for:

  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Extended culture for blastocysts
  • Laboratory procedures like assisted hatching
  • Embryo cryopreservation
  • Extra blood and uterine monitoring
  • Many IVF centers have additional charges for the above mentioned laboratory treatments
  • We offer a $225 discount for patients who pay with cash or check

*Self-pay fees do not apply to patients with IVF insurance coverage

Because many women will need more than one IVF cycle to get pregnant, Poma Fertility also offers a Refund Warranty Program designed to help patients continue their treatment if they do not have a baby at first. This program gives patients extra attempts at getting pregnant but at a substantially discounted rate.

The Refund Warranty Program is an ideal option for patients without insurance because:

  • Patients only have to pay for the IVF cycles they actually need
  • Many patients do not need three IVF cycles to have a baby
  • Additional IVF cycles are at a substantially discounted rate
  • If a take-home baby is not delivered, patients get a substantial refund
  • The numbers speak for themselves.

We designed the Poma Fertility Refund Warranty Program with the same goals that we designed our IVF treatment cycles.  We want the refund warranty program to be as patient friendly as possible. Some IVF refund programs require up front purchase of multiple cycles. We are confident that our program usually requires only one or 2 IVF cycles to achieve a take home baby pregnancy. Therefore, we designed our program to allow patients to exit the program without the additional expense of multiple cycles unless they need them.

We designed our program with unlimited frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles to allow single embryo transfer without the additional economic burden of extra FET cycles.  The cumulative delivery rate will be the same as transferring multiple embryos at a time but without the multiple births. We also provide a higher refund percentage of fees compared to other refund programs because we are confident in our ability to deliver take home babies in the fewest possible cycles. While some other programs offer higher refunds, they also require the purchase of multiple cycles.

We have designed our pricing and our refund warranty program to be easy, upfront, and without any surprises. For more information on the Poma Fertility Refund Warranty Program, or to discuss financing options, please contact us today.

Creating life is beautiful, and we are here every step of the way.

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